Improve IFA System is an immunofluorescence-based diagnostics system to screen major life-style related diseases such as cardiac diseases, cancers, diabetes, infection diseases and hormonal disorders. is consisted of a reader and relevant regent strips, used for In Vitro Rapid Diagnosis (POCT).

QT-100 Analyzer is a portable instrument dedicated to scan, detect and process the signal from the diagnostic testing devices. QT-100 is equipped with a set of self-diagnostic routines that continuously monitor the system integrity. The built-in interlocking error-prevention system consists of a coded ID Chip provided with the Test Device and the barcode on each test device. Any discrepancy among them would produce a warning message and prevents further operation until the problem is resolved.

Product Code



503080001 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer (QT-100) 4pcs/CTN

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