Analysis of the prospects for the Chinese medical device industry in 2015

China's medical device market has jumped to second place in the world, especially in the low-end medical equipment in a variety of products, production in the world. But China's medical device market in high-end products accounted for only 25% of low-end products accounted for 75%, and 25% of high-end products in the market, 70% of the share from foreign occupation.

According to Yu-Chi Industry Market Research Center was informed that with the international industry to accelerate the transfer, China will become an important production base for the global medical devices, some of the original equipment dependence on imports is the progressive realization of domestic import substitution, the next few years, China's medical device products structure will undergo tremendous changes, high-end equipment to show strong vitality. 2015 Prospect of the medical device industry is analyzed as follows.

Medical device market outlook report analysis and forecasting analysis pointed out that the development of China's medical device industry has shown a strict legal regulation, higher technical barriers and the huge market demand, such as three features. The report also is expected in 2015 China's medical device market will have more than 300 billion yuan.

Medical equipment industry technical barriers to high

Report that the medical device due to direct or indirect contact with the body, and may even chronically implanted inside the body, so its high security requirements, but also on the technology which produces a very high demand.

Medical equipment, especially high-end medical equipment usually need more cross-disciplinary knowledge, and a lot of high-tech investment, so this type of medical device R & D costs are also very high, which is a small medical device manufacturers do not have. The existence of high-tech barriers, determines that only large companies can make a difference in the medium-sized medical equipment.

Huge medical device market demand

Humans with the disease always together, and with the increase of life stress, environmental pollution and other various factors intensified, the demand for health care is also growing.

Report a conservative estimate, China's medical equipment in 2015 there will be over 300 billion yuan of market size. Yu-Chi Industry Market Research Center was informed that with the improvement of the economic level, health consciousness, population aging intensifies, the continuous upgrading of medical equipment and medical equipment into the country to continue to increase in the next few years, China's medical device market will will have more room for growth.

"Localization" accelerated

According to Chinese reports hall released "2014-2018 medical device industry's future forecast report" shows that since 2013, the relevant state ministries and commissions to encourage and support the development of the medical device industry policy document has been published 18, to a certain extent on the medical device industry to achieve a policy of deregulation, especially high-end medical equipment medical equipment to promote the "localization" process is accelerated.

Industry mergers and acquisitions will become the main direction

Medical equipment as the basis for supporting the health services industry, shows great potential for development and space. Huarong Securities researcher Zhang Ke Ran believes that the current domestic manufacturers are more scattered, on the scale of the business about 50 million more than 1800, and then there are about 20,000 small, the average home value is probably at more than 100 million level.
"It really is the acquisition of medical equipment based in one direction, domestic enterprises have been doing mergers and acquisitions." Zhang Ke Ran said that the current A-share listed a total of 16 medical device, the pharmaceutical industry, according to an industry CITIC division of statistical rules, pharmaceutical revenue growth is 14.56%, medical equipment this revenue growth was 16 was 25.65%, much higher than the growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment and net profit margin is quite high.