Improve Medical appeared in the Ninth National Conference of clinical testing

November 20, 2014, Improve medical order, "Improve medical examination expert" as the theme, with the hospital management system iLISA intelligent blood clinic solutions at Suzhou, "the Ninth National Conference and clinical testing" (CCLAB 2014) live and Symposium. The conference is sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association • Inspection Doctor Association, organized to "create a test platform for industry-specific experts to improve physician knowledge testing service capabilities" as the theme, the meeting attracted more than 3,000 physicians from across the country and tested through academic exchanges, expert discussions site guidance, etc. together to solve practical problems related to laboratory medicine at work, improving the ability to test the expertise services.

The rummage Council Improve medical shows venous blood system, POCT and urine analysis system products, and focused on the introduction of intelligent hospital outpatient blood management system iLISA solutions. Exhibition site layout iLISA international standardization scene simulated hospital outpatient centers blood blood window, using four ILISA online presence operational process, follow the "prepare Tube - Labeling - called the number - blood - Save" standardized blood flow, which attracted many participants test physician and director of the visit and experience. During the meeting of experts invited to visit the Suzhou Municipal Hospital inspection GNT bases, so that testing experts to learn more about international standardization GNT blood center blood flow past the traditional major reforms and subversion.