Improve Medical Group bloom in 72nd CMEF

January 9, 2015

October, the 72nd China International Medical Equipment Fair Expo center at Chongqing to encounter beautiful, beautiful mountain city of Chongqing welcomed more than 2,000 medical device manufacturers from over 100 countries and regions, more than 120,000 government procurement, hospital buyers and dealers from more than 20 countries and regions. Improve medical subsidiary to bring Long Xin Technology, Jiangsu Improve, Investor health, as well as two holding companies also attended the event.

The Improve medical booths, an array of medical supplies and equipment, attracted many viewers in the foot concern consultation. From large to small medical devices medical supplies, nursing supplies, to the anti-haze masks the wide variety.


Improve health care in this exhibition highlights the hospital blood management systems and outpatient intelligent overall solution; Longxin Technology subsidiary, the grand launch of "LX8000R integrated automatic urine sediment urine analysis system" and "LX7860 integration Automatic Urine urine sediment analysis system "; and attention to respiratory health protection" anti-haze mask "became this booth star Improve medical products.

"Hospital blood Intelligent Management System" and the first domestic intelligence, information technology, standardization of blood flow leading to the international forefront of real GB2626 detected by the "anti-haze mask", is to attract the Beijing television reporter came to interview reports.

Through the perfect opportunity CMEF, Improve medical doctors at the Fair on the eve of Chongqing is still proud Ting Rui hotel received more than 70 dealers, focusing on the product Improve medical research, and dealer partners Lovers Shengju.